Pastor Rod Parsley

It’s Time to Dream Again!

Pastor Parsley to lead an army of intercessors in prayer for your resurrected dream!

This is 2014 ... and 14 = 7 x 2.
Seven is the number of spiritual perfection, the number of covenant, the number of completion. God the Father is represented by the number 7. Jesus the Son is represented by the number 7. Two is the number of the Incarnation — when God was made flesh, and Jesus came into our world. Fourteen is the intersection of the power and perfection of the Almighty and the Incarnation of One who destroyed sin and death! This is your year for the power of God in double measure in your life!
Trust God today. Prove Him. A double portion awaits you! You will dream again! Enter now into your season of double blessing — by sowing your seed of faith!

Sow a generous seed-faith gift into the good soil of Breakthrough and request
4 Powerfully Anointed Messages for You
from Pastor Rod Parsley

  • It’s Time to Dream Again
  • What To Do When You’re Down but Not Out
  • When Wits End Corner Becomes Hallelujah Boulevard
  • I Have a Dream

YES, Pastor Parsley!

I believe 2014 is my year to dream again. In obedience to God, I want to sow a seed - faith gift to demonstrate my faith that God will fulfill every dream He has placed in my heart.

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