The Campaign for the Cross!
“How is it possible our culture has found a way to both trivialize and marginalize the most significant emblem to ever emerge from the rushing river of history?”

-  Pastor Rod Parsley in The Cross: One Man... One Tree... One Friday

Pastor Parsley has received a mandate on his life from God to bring the biblical message of the Cross to this generation. Our culture and most churches have dismissed the scene at Calvary as too ugly. Too shame-soaked. Not pleasant for this generation.
But the finished work of Christ on the cross is the only hope for our sin-sick world.  The Cross is the intersection at which all humanity will one day be called to account – a topic central to all of Christianity... relevant to all creation.
That’s why Pastor Parsley has been led by God to write this timeless, historic work, The Cross: One Man... One Tree... One Friday... 

As you generously give a gift of $30, $50, $100 or more to support the campaign of the cross and reserve your copy of The Cross: One Man... One Tree... One Friday..., Pastor Parsley wants you to receive the exclusive Signed Hardback Editionnot available in any store or any other web site – autographed by Pastor Rod Parsley.

  For your gift of $75 or more, you can receive The Cross Package, a $120 value including:
  • The Signed Hardback Edition of The Cross: One Man... One Tree... One Friday...
  • The Cross Study Guide– filled with powerful teaching content and revelation for your family, small group, youth group, or personal devotion
  • The Cross 3-DVD Series– including the proclaimed truth of the Gospel centered around the cross of Jesus Christ in 3 video messages with added insight that is sure to inspire your faith in the work of the Jesus on the Cross
Whatever you do, do as unto the Lord – to build His kingdom, and restore His cross to its rightful place of supremacy in our culture and the world.
Yes, Pastor Parsley!I want to reserve the Signed Hardback Edition of your new book The Cross: One Man... One Tree... One Friday... and help you proclaim the gospel and restore focus of the Cross of Jesus Christ around the world! Here is my gift of...

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