New from Rod Parsley - GONE: One Man... One Tomb... One Sunday...
Return to “More than 2,000 years ago, Jesus, the Son of God, willingly stepped forward to champion the cause of captives by His death on the cross. While untold millions had stepped across the threshold of death into an eternal prison, not even one soul had ever found a way out ... until that glorious Easter morning, when the enemy discovered: The Hero was not in His barren cell. The Champion of the ages was ... GONE.”

– Dr. Rod Parsley in Gone: One Man... One Tomb... One Sunday...

For your gift of only $20 or more today, I want to send you a personally autographed copy of this brand-new, landmark book GONE – the exclusive Signed Hardback Edition. Order yours today from our soul-winning, worldwide ministry of Breakthrough, right now in God’s Jubilee Year.

In addition to GONE, when you order now, I also want to send YOUR CHOICE of one of my other anointed and inspiring books to help you set your focus on Christ and all the blessing He wants to pour into your life:

The Cross: One Man... One Tree... One Friday... - the prequel to GONE
It is at the foot of the cross, and there alone, that we can look with wonder upon the raw ferocity of God's love for us. To accept it and glory in it - this is the only truly rational response. Come along as we rediscover the power, majesty, and beauty of the cross and learn anew how to claim that power for your life.

God's End-Time Calendar
Discover why God created signs in the heavens and made appointed seasons and set times on the fourth day of creation in order for us to be aware of His celestial time frame. How should we interpret the turmoil we see around us and in the world? What is the significance of God's Jubilee Year in 2016? Is there a related message the Holy One of Israel wants to relay by the four Red Blood Moons that appeared on the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles in 2014 and 2015? Delve with me into the prophetic meaning of these signs together and remember to keep your head up for your salvation is near and the culmination of creation may indeed be closer than you have imagined!

Ancient Wells, Living Water
Drink from God's refreshing, life-renewing waters as I unlock for you the secret to spiritual rejuvenation, found in ancient wells of a bygone era. Draw from these springs, and watch your spiritual desert blossum with abundant life-everlasting.

This is it! It’s time for you to experience the incredible POWER of the Resurrection ... not in “theory” ... but personally! Practically! Supernaturally! Request the EXCLUSIVE Signed Hardback Edition of my new book, GONE: One Man ... One Tomb ... One Sunday, today!

Yes, Pastor Parsley! I want to request the exclusive Signed Hardback Edition of GONE: One Man... One Tomb... One Sunday....

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