Pastor Rod Parsley
Hurricane Harvey: Destruction, flooding impacting MILLIONS!

Destruction, flooding impacting MILLIONS!

Hurricane Harvey is a natural disaster the likes of which the National Weather Service says it has never seen before.


The reports are staggering:
  • 6.8 MILLION people have been affected so far
  • RECORD-BREAKING rainfall — over 50 inches — has fallen around Houston, the fourth largest city in our nation
  • Local officials in Texas have reported at least 60 confirmed and suspected flood-related deaths
  • 30,000+ people have been displaced by the storm's destruction and flooding
  • The number of homes destroyed is yet uncounted — as one news headline declares, “Harvey spins deeper inland; full scope of damage is unknown.”
  • 450,000 need emergency disaster relief
… and it’s NOT over — not by a long–shot.

While Federal agencies have been dispatched, the need for aid is insurmountable by them alone.  FEMA says citizens MUST get involved in this “landmark event.”

Our teams are already on the ground.  Bridge of Hope is already taking action — rushing in fresh water, food, and emergency supplies in enormous quantities — meeting the most pressing physical needs — bringing hope through Christ! 

But WE URGENTLY NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE sow a generous seed–faith gift right now to reach out to hurricane victims immediately.

I want to help Bridge of Hope rush desperately needed emergency supplies to the hurricane and flood victims!

Here is my seed-faith gift of:

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