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Be Made Whole Receive the Anointing of the Lord Prayer Cloth

Be Made Whole
Receive the Anointing of the Lord

Has there ever been a year when we need the power of the Prayer Cloth more than 2020?

Pastor Parsley believes this chaotic season is the reason the Holy Spirit spoke to him to EXPAND our annual Prayer Cloth anointing service from one service to a two-day weekend -- for the first time ever!

Our MIRACLE, HEALING AND VICTORY PRAYER CLOTH SERVICES were held November 20 and 21. And we want you to receive what is already yours.

Extra prayer cloths were on the altar for you! Request your prayer cloth now as a point of contact for your miracle, and send your most urgent prayer requests. As the Holy Spirit leads you, sow a seed of faith that represents your need—a testament of your faith to believe God for His miracle release.

People brought the Apostle Paul handkerchiefs and cloths to pray over in Acts 19 ... when those anointed cloths were placed on sick people, they were healed!

After the Be Made Whole anointing services on November 20-21, we will send a Prayer Cloth to you from the service, saturated in the anointing, to position you for the manifestation of your miracle! But there is MORE.
  • Forty times in the four gospels Jesus was asked for healing. Forty times sick and dying people came to Him in need of a miracle.

  • And every one of those 40 times, Jesus healed! He never said NO to a request for healing or deliverance!
This is what the Prayer Cloth 2020 season is all about -- the miracles God has already decreed for you. Here is what we are inviting you to do:
  1. Fill out the prayer form with your most urgent miracle needs. Remember, it is God’s will to heal! By His stripes you are healed -- physical, emotional, mental, financial, relational ... Receive what is yours.

  2. Enclose a seed-faith gift as you are able. We are going to pray over your needs whether you sow or not, but urge you to mix your praying with your giving and sow generously. Every harvest begins with a seed -- this is God’s way.
After the services, we will send you an anointed prayer cloth. You place that prayer cloth in faith where you need the miracle.

It will be a point of contact for the tangible transfer of God’s anointing so you receive the physical, emotional or spiritual healing and victory or deliverance that is already yours!

As you sow in faith, Pastor Parsley wants to thank you by sending you a brand-new, encouraging book, which the Holy Spirit led him to write for such a time as this: He Never Said No!

It is the astounding teaching about the 40 healings Jesus performed, and why and how it is always His will to heal.
  • Sow $50 or more today and receive He Never Said No! plus the four-message teaching series on CD and DVD that goes with it -- to build your faith for the miracles that are yours!

  • Sow $100 or more, and we will send you the book and teaching series, plus a wonderful two-volume set that’s very dear to my heart: Be Made Whole.
Volume 1 is a replica of the prayer journal that helped carry Pastor Parsley through the battle with cancer, with his handwritten notes, Scriptures and more. Volume 2 is similar, with an emphasis on miracles and abundance.

Request your resources as you sow your seed of faith. And don’t wait! Prayer Cloth 2020 is coming quickly, and we want you to receive what’s already yours, in Jesus’ name. Let us hear from you today!

Yes, Pastor Parsley!

I want the tangible, transferable anointing of God in my life. Please send me a prayer cloth from the Be Made Whole weekend November 20-21 that we believe will be infused with God's tangible anointing that can help His people can be made whole! Here is my seed-faith gift of:

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