Pastor Rod Parsley
Time to Hope Again
At the Cross: Where Healing Begins" (eBook) and “At the Cross: Where Healing Begins” digital message series!

“God has more for you in your future than you could ever dream of in your present and he's already seen you in it.”
- Pastor Rod Parsley

In his book, At the Cross: Where Healing Begins and the digital message seriesAt the Cross: Where Healing Begins”, Pastor Parsley reveals certain principles that simply cannot be ignored.  The gift of healing is as valuable as an emperor's treasure; it is also as available as the air we breathe. What blinds most people to this simple truth is a lack of understanding about the very thing they seek. What event made healing necessary? When did this terrible incident take place? How did mankind figure in? What role did God play in this drama? In this fascinating book, Rod Parsley answers these questions by pointing to one place, one incident, one moment in time. Understanding the gift of healing is easy, once you've been with Jesus AT THE CROSS.
Included are the messages:
  1. Where Healing Begins
  2. Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done.
  3. Dominion Power - Your Right as a Believer
  4. Where Your Victory was Won
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