Pastor Rod Parsley
Divine Encounter
'Divine Encounter' Book August 21, 2017 marks 40 days until the holiest day on God’s calendar: the Day of Atonement, and the first time in nearly 100 years that America will fall under the path of a total solar eclipse – from coast to coast!

But nothing in creation – not the heights of the heavens or the depths of the sea… not the coo of a turtledove or the roar of a lion… and certainly not solar eclipses or red blood moons – can catch God Almighty by surprise.

Your Bible bears out in Genesis 1 that on the fourth day, God appointed the celestial bodies as signs to mark sacred times, days and years. Way, way back, God appointed this moment – this natural phenomenon – for right now. And He’s not surprised that you are alive to see it!

But this truth begs a few questions that must be answered:
  • What is God trying to tell His people?
  • What has He provided for you?
  • What does He have in store for your future?
In order to help you answer these questions, Pastor Rod Parsley wants to give you a digital copy of his book Divine Encounter: Celebrating God’s Calendar, Celestial Clues, Culmination of Creation, as a gift to you!

Yes, Pastor Parsley!

I want to request your book, Divine Encounter: Celebrating God’s Calendar, Celestial Clues, Culmination of Creation.

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