Pastor Rod Parsley
Move into the most powerful dimension of Prosperity - Great Prosperity!

Step into the Greatness of the Lord!

2 Kings 4 is the only place in your Bible where God says, “great woman.” We don’t even know her name. God only called her “Great.” By faith, when she encountered the prophet Elisha:
  • She perceived the prophet was a man of God doing the work of God.
  • She helped the man of God accomplish the will of God.
  • She confessed her needs believing in the power of God.
  • She received the miracle she’d prayed for all her life from the hand of God!
As you perceive the presence of the Holy Spirit now, step out in faith by sowing a “Greatness Seed” just like the woman in 2 Kings 4, to help the world-wide, soul-winning ministry of Breakthrough continue to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus around the world.  As you do, send your prayer needs as we believe God to pour our the Blessing of Great into your life!

The Blessing of Great:
  1. For the Great Prosperity of the Lord to be poured out on you: a name called GREAT!
  2. That your God-given dreams will live again.
  3. The adversary in your way is about to be moved out of the way!
  4. That everything the devil stole from you will be returned to you!
God’s miracle power in the great woman’s life didn’t stop there!  After 12 years, her miracle — her son — died.  Not only did she believe … not only did she give: She stood against her circumstances by faith, believing all would be well … that God would move again!

Coming back to the prophet, she placed her son who had died at the altar.  And he was raised to life!

What miracles or dreams has God placed in your heart?  Which of them seem to have no life?  IT’S NOT OVER!  Sow in faith now and believe for God’s resurrection power to breathe on your dreams once again! 

Thank you for standing with our world-wide, soul-winning ministry to declare the decree of the Lord and preach the blood-stained banner of the Cross of Christ, His healing power, saving Grace, and resurrection life.  May the blessing of the Lord fill you and all your house as you bring your offering to advance His kingdom.

Yes, Pastor Parsley!

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