Pastor Rod Parsley
Revelation - Debunking the Myth


Revelation: Debunking the Myth Collection
Revelation: Debunking the Myth Collection
  • 4 Anointed Teaching CDs or DVDs covering every verse of the Book of Revelation
  • Pastor Parsley's complete study notes and teaching Study Guide

Transformation by Revelation. That's the Word God gave me for you, my dear Partners and Friends, when He began to pour into my spirit FOUR profoundly prophetic messages of encouragement that encompass THE ENTIRE BOOK of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

I determined in my heart to teach every single chapter and every single verse − 22 chapters in all − in four weeks. And now at the direction of the Holy Spirit − I'm making it available to you:
"Revelation: Debunking the Myth" − a new series covering every verse of Revelation, so we can go through the whole book together, and receive the blessing it promises!
There's no sad story in this collection at all! No fear. No confusion. Nothing but blessing!

Join me today − be transformed by a crystal-clear revelation of Jesus Christ − on this very exciting journey through the most exciting book in your Bible.

Pastor Rod Parsley

Yes, Pastor Parsley!

I want to be armed with the truth about the book of Revelation and help the voice of Breakthrough proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world! Here is my gift of:

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