Pastor Rod Parsley
The Blessings Of A Prophetic Word

You can influence your 2015 by what you do RIGHT NOW!

Pastor Parsley has a prophetic word for you in 2015 that is still burning in his spirit from the end of 2014. He is continuing to prophesy, proclaim, declare and decree the Power of the Cross of Jesus Christ! It still saves, still heals and it still delivers. As God leads him to preach this powerful and prophetic word, the promise in God's word is clear. According to Matthew 10:41,"if you receive a prophet in the name of a prophet, you will also be given a prophet's reward".

Start out 2015 by sowing a seed in faith that will catapult you into a new season of increase and the three promised blessings made to the Shunammite woman according to II Kings 4:
  1. What you had but lost - will be found.
  2. The enemy will have to release what belongs to you but you have never had.
  3. God will release what you didn't know He had.
Do you believe that God has something bigger for you in 2015 than you have ever dared to believe Him for? The miracle of God is released by what He does when you obey.

Sow a prophetic seed-faith gift of $77 today. "77" is God's perfection times two."77" is the completion of God and the open door into a new season in your life. Sow $77 or $77 for every member of your family - as an expression of your faith believing for God to do what He's already promised He would do.

God may be speaking to you to step out in faith with a gift of $100, $500 or even $1000. These kinds of gifts never fail to get God's attention. The important thing is to obey the voice of the Lord in the beginning of 2015 as the prophetic voice of this ministry comes forth into your life.

As you are able to sow your best seed-faith gift, I want to thank you by sending you my complete message on The Prophet's Reward on DVD - you will receive the entire message the Lord gave me for you, and your faith will be built for entering your seven year season of increase and blessing!

Every attack of the adversary represented in your life right now is about to be defeated if you will obey a simple instruction. Energize and activate your faith with the power resident in a seed.


Yes, Pastor Parsley!

I would like to start out 2015 by sowing a seed in faith that will catapult my family into a new season of increase and the three promised blessings. Here's my prophetic seed-faith gift of:

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