Pastor Rod Parsley
No attack of the devil can prevail against you
No attack of the devil can prevail against you!

You and your family can be free from the attacks of the evil one, protected and carried through in safety, when you accept the truth of Isaiah 54:17 and learn to walk by faith in God's abundance.

And God has already given you what you need in order to take the next faith-step:

He has given you SEED.

The great tragedy of the Church today is that so many people are holding on to both a NEED and a SEED! If you're still holding onto your seed, you can't expect God to meet your need! It's when you plant that seed that God gives the harvest!

Pray about sowing a seed of faith today, as your declaration that you believe in the all-encompassing protection and promise of your heavenly Father, and Pastor Parsley will say thank-you with two special gifts:
  • The powerful DVD teaching, There’s a Devil Loose
  • And the No Weapon study manual
Consider a seed of $54.17, as a reflection of Isaiah 54:17 — or if God has blessed you abundantly, sow a seed of $108.34.

Whatever God has placed in your hand to give, whether a larger or smaller gift, give it now, and you'll be sowing your seed — and helping Pastor Parsley to continue preaching the Gospel through our Breakthrough television broadcast.

Give now, and request your No Weapon resources.

Give today!

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