Pastor Rod Parsley

God has a plan to SUSTAIN YOU!

When the enemy has a plan to take you out, God has already got a plan of action to keep you in. Not only does God Almighty have a plan to sustain you, which literally means to take the weight from your shoulders in the time of trial or trouble or tribulation, but He’s also shared with Pastor Parsley two very, very specific blessings that I’m going to believe God to be released into your life today. They are called, “The Law of Sustainment.”

What is the Law of Sustainment? Simply TODAY THE WEIGHT COMES OFF!

In 1 Kings 17, two blessings are revealed that are going to be released into your life today. Both will sustain you now, get the weight off now and cancel the assignment that the real thing the devil has scheduled to take you out.
  1. God is about to sustain the greatest miracle your family has ever received.
  2. God is about to get you out from under the weight of your current financial crisis and He is about to thwart and cancel the assignment in your future of the adversary designed to destroy you.
This divine-principle can be summarized in this phrase: What you do for the Lord’s House, He will do for yours. If you sustain the work of God, He will sustain you – just as He provided these miracles of sustainment in 1 Kings 17.

Activate your faith today! Sustain Breakthrough with your best seed-faith gift and watch God work a supernatural turnaround of the enemy’s attack in your life – family, finances, and future!

Your generous gift of $300 in support of Breakthrough will help Pastor Rod Parsley continue to preach the irrefutable and incorruptible Word of God and provide help and hope to those in need around the world through our Breakthrough television broadcast and Bridge of Hope outreach. If you can’t sow a seed of $300, then sow a sustainer seed-faith gift of $100 now and commit to sow another $100 in the next two months. Whatever you can sow today will help Pastor Parsley reach the world for Jesus and it will release the two blessings of and cancel the assignment that the devil has planned to take you out.

Thank you so much for sustaining this ministry today!

Yes, Pastor Parsley!

I want to fulfill the call of a Sustainer that God has placed on my heart. I believe the special seed-faith gift I sow today will produce a Turnaround Miracle that will begin to manifest in my life. Here’s my seed of:

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Breakthrough with Rod Parsley is a ministry of Bridge of Hope and World Harvest Church, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, United States. All gifts and donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. You will receive a receipt via mail and email once your transaction has been processed.

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