Pastor Rod Parsley

No more mourning...God is about to give you...

God is about to invade the deepest recesses of your heart and deliver you from anxiety, hopelessness, fear, depression, demonic oppression, grief, pain – He is about to pour JUBILEE FREEDOM all over you!

This is the Year of Jubilee, the year of freedom from every hindrance -- and our God promises:
  • Beauty for ashes
  • The oil of joy for mourning
  • The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness
He makes provision to turn your tears to laughter. It's all there in Isaiah 61 –

Beauty for ashes! Ashes are just the cold, dead remnants of what the devil stole from you and destroyed. God is going to give you back what the enemy took from you, and much more.

The oil of joy for mourning! Mourning is what you do when you lose something. Your marriage, your relationship with a child, your home, your health, your job. God's going to restore to you what was lost, and even more!

The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness! This is my favorite! In the original translation of Isaiah 61, the “garment of praise” really means a “covering of celebration”!

God wants to clothe you in His covering of celebration! He wants YOU to become a walking, talking celebration of His healing, goodness, favor, power and love!

Pastor Parsley believes it's going to happen -- you can receive the peace, the inner healing, the deliverance God has for you - on July 1. On that day:
  • We will celebrate a Jubilee Freedom Service. An army of prayer warriors will be gathered here to cry FREEDOM over you!
  • Pastor Parsley will pray over the prayer needs you send in today -- for God's complete healing, deliverance and restoration, inside and out, for you in this Year of Jubilee.
  • And also request that we take a piece of sackcloth and symbolically burn it during the service -- to represent how God will obliterate that spirit of heaviness and give you BEAUTY FOR ASHES!
Sow a JUBILEE FREEDOM seed of faith in God's promise to give you joy for mourning and beauty for ashes. Show Him you are ready for His miracle -- sow in faith for it generously.

When you send your generous seed-faith gift in today, Pastor Parsley wants to send you two special resources to build your faith to help you receive your miracle:
  1. His book, BEAUTY FOR ASHES: Jubilee Freedom for YOU!
  2. His message, Tears to Joy on audio CD.
For those who will sow a seed of $61 or more, Pastor Parsley wants to ALSO send you a mezuzah, a Hebrew parchment inscribed with Scripture traditionally displayed on Jewish door frames. You can join him in putting it up at your home.

Your mezuzah will feature a blessing for your household ... and it will arrive in a beautiful pewter case, inscribed with Deuteronomy 6:4-9.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to receive JUBILEE FREEDOM from every heartache and grief, from every hurt inside, from hopelessness and pain. Send in your prayer needs, request a piece of sackcloth be placed on the altar and send in a seed-faith gift today.

Yes, Pastor Parsley!

I believe God will turn my mourning to rejoicing as I sow my seed for Jubilee Freedom

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