Pastor Rod Parsley
“What To Do When It’s Just Not Working"(eBook) and “Change Your Season” digital message series!

“God has more for you in your future than you could ever dream of in your present and he's already seen you in it.”
- Pastor Rod Parsley
Change Your Season
In his book, What To Do When It’s Just Not Working and digital message series Change Your Season, Pastor Parsley reveals certain principles that simply cannot be ignored. Don’t be blown away by the winds of life—stand firm in the face of the storm. We must not be numbered among those who draw back in fear, but among those who move forward to possess our promise, even when the battle rages.

Pastor Rod Parsley shares concepts that will help you have quiet confidence at a time when other men’s hearts are failing them for fear. Not only do true believers refuse to run when the battle rages, they actually renew their strength in the midst of the conflict. Pastor Parsley encourages this generation to fulfill their God-ordained purpose as Holy Ghost rescue workers. From sowing seed to prevailing prayer to firm faith, this book will inspire you to refuse defeat and claim victory, regardless of how dry and dusty the circumstances of your life have been.

If what you see doesn’t look like the promise God gave you, look again!

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